Brewdog: an own goal!

I have been supportive of Brewdog’s advertising in the past: fun and topical, but when you deliberately set out to break the rules, that is a step too far.

Brewdog has been rapped again by the ASA for nutritional and health claims they made in an Instagram ad in respect of their new drink “Clean & Press”.

When challenged by the ASA, Brewdog’s reply was that it was “tongue in cheek” and accepted the ad breached the rules.

They must have known this is in breach of the Codes that every advertiser has to comply with before they went ahead with this campaign.

They are not the first to court publicity by setting out to breach the rules, but this is wrong!

Some of the rules come from legislation but many are part of the self and co-regulatory systems that the ASA oversees.

The danger is that, as the ASA has no enforcement powers of its own, brands see this as a way to get free publicity for their products without any consequences.

If the Code is abused in this way, the government will be pushed to act and legislation will follow and no one wants to see this.

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