Environmentally friendly products and services – are you marketing these legally!

Brands advertise their products and services as ethically sourced, “green” and sustainable, but can these claims be trusted?

There are rules that help to ensure that these claims are true and not misleading.

Consumer protection rules restrict business practices that provide false or misleading information about a product.

In addition, consumer rights legislation provides rules for businesses, such as any description should match the product or service being offered.

If information about sustainability or environmental benefits is misleading or false, the seller may have broken the law.

There is also the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, (CAP) and the UK Code for Broadcast Advertising (BCAP) which contains general rules on advertising, and specific rules on environmental claims.

These include advertising should not be misleading and any claims made should be substantiated.

Consider the Codes when planning your marketing – it is free to complain about an advert and it only takes one complaint to start an investigation.

It is easy for consumers to cause an advert to become well known for the wrong reasons and adverse publicity for the brand.

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