Instagram £15,000 Dubai holiday promotion unfairly administered rules ASA

Dubai promotion article image

The ASA have ruled that extending the closing date for an Instagram promotion disadvantaged early entrants. The promotion, by Inside Lifestyle and TV personality Jack Fincham, also failed to include significant terms and conditions in the promotional posts.

In defending these claims, Inside Lifestyle Group Ltd, the company behind Inside Lifestyles, said the closing date was extended as a result of the large number of entries, over 30,000. They stated the new closing date had been shown across their social media channels and the terms and conditions were on their website.

The ASA concluded that the promoter failed to consider the anticipated popularity of the competition. Given the value of the prize, the extensive promotion they undertook on social media, the involvement of a tv personality and the winner announcement by a celebrity guest in Dubai, the promoter should have realised there would be a lot of interest. The change to the closing date was therefore not as a result of unavoidable circumstances outside of their control. Extending the date increased the number of entries and would have caused a detriment to those who entered within the original promotional period.

The ASA also confirmed that terms and conditions have to be included in ads for the competition and as many required details about the competition were absent, including any restrictions on entry or any limitations on the prize itself, the promotion had not been administered fairly and therefore breached the CAP Code.

Although breaching the advertising codes does not bring an eye watering penalty, the damage to an organisation’s reputation can almost be as bad. JP Legal Assist can help you ensure your promotions are compliant and avoid your company’s name being known for the wrong reasons!