New right to repair law came into force 1st July. ?

You hear this all the time, things don’t last as long as they used to, and certainly, my own experience bears this out.

The added problem is that if they do break, they cannot be repaired by professionals for a reasonable price or by consumers themselves as there are no spare parts available.

As of 1st July, this has changed as an agreement between the UK and the EU agreed 2 years ago came into force.

This so called “legal right of repair” will apply in Great Britain and will mean that appliances, including TVs, should last longer and spare parts will be available, extending the life of a product by up to 10 years.

In addition, higher energy efficiency requirements for appliances have been estimated to save consumers on average £75 a year on their bills.

This will mean if an appliance fails and consumer law states it should be repaired, spare parts should be available. At the moment, it is too easy for a retailer to just provide a replacement, which wastes new materials and the expense of production.

This will help small professional repairers offer consumers a much-needed service at reasonable rates, ensuring this type of service survives, and a reduction in products ending up in landfill.

Good news for all I would say.

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