A is for Alcohol

The A-Z of the Marketing and Advertising Sector

I thought I would see if I could come up with an article about this industry for each letter of the alphabet.

Here we go – I will be posting Tuesday and Thursday – let me know what you think!

A is for Alcohol

You have to be careful when promoting alcohol to avoid falling foul of the ASA rules.

So what you need to remember is:

  • Promote responsibly – avoid promotional offers that encourage or condone excessive drinking or irresponsible behaviour;
  • Don’t link alcohol with social or sexual success or imply alcohol is the answer to boredom or loneliness;
  • Avoid using content that would appeal to children, both in terms of the wording and images. Also be careful about teaming up with celebrities/influencers – make sure you know who their followers are and avoid any that are likely to appeal to those under 18;
  • If you show people drinking, make sure all the actors look at least 25;
  • Be careful if advertising alcohol in Scotland as many promotions like buy one get one free and bulk discounts are banned. This is due to legislation in Scotland not the ASA rules.

If you have any questions on alcohol promotions or any other promotional activity, please get in touch.

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